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10 04, 2018

A Shared Canadian Experience

By |2018-04-16T18:31:40+00:00April 10th, 2018|I remember seeing Terry Fox|

A Shared Canadian Experience I was ten years old in 1980 when I first saw Terry Fox. Our family was one that paid attention to the national news. I grew up in a time when you could count the number of television networks on one hand, and the newspaper I read was made of paper, the only option. As soon as I heard Terry's story, on April 12th, 1980, I was inspired, and I was added to what would become a long list of his supporters, admirers, and those who called him their hero. Every morning and evening, I was filled with that hope that Terry would have a good run each day, that more and more Canadians would learn his story, and lots of funds would be raised to make his dream, a world without cancer, come true. Terry is my hero still today. In tough times, I sometimes imagine the sound of his steps, that sound we can all identify if we hear it with our eyes closed, and I remind myself of how tenacious he was, how determined, how stubborn, how tough. Imagining that sound always makes me think I can get through anything. Now, almost four decades later, I am a mother, a wife, a teacher, a daughter, a friend. Like many Canadians, I've lost way too many people to cancer, including my best friend. I work hard to teach those young Canadians who pass through classrooms in front of me Terry's story. Each year, I wipe tears from my eyes as we watch footage in school of the 143 days Terry was on the road. I teach our sons to keep Terry in their hearts. I feel privileged to be a volunteer with the Terry Fox Foundation. Every story I [...]

10 04, 2018

Hoping To Meet A Hero

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Hoping To Meet A Hero Terry had inspired me tremendously in 1980, & has ever since with his Marathon Of Hope. Motivated by Terry I decided it was time to live my dream, while hoping to meet up with my Hero to say hi and thanks. My dream was to cycle from Vancouver to Halifax. On Sept 4th I dipped my ten speed cycle wheels into the Pacific inspired by Terry who had done so on the other side of Canada with his leg. Our home town volunteer fire department supported my dream, as well as folks from home town, so I was able to stay at many fire halls across Canada. I was able to accomplish my goal of cycling across this beautiful country, thanks to Terrys inspiration & courage that was the wind behind my back. Terry had to stop running on Sept 1st, 1980 due to illness but hoped to con't soon. It wasn't to be. So I didn't get to cross paths with Terry in 1980 however in 2014 I met my Heros Dad Rolly at a BC Lions football game and was able to share how much his son made other Canadians Dreams come true including my own. Chris Parlow

10 04, 2018

Terry and my Ultra Triathlon story, Over $23k and counting!

By |2018-04-16T14:49:20+00:00April 10th, 2018|I remember seeing Terry Fox|

Terry and my Ultra Triathlon story, Over $23k and counting! I have been a fan of Terry Fox ever since I was eight years old, when my parents took me to see him as he ran north of Gravenhurst, on his way to Parry Sound. I have participated in his run in Toronto, spoken about him during a corporate motivational speech, and think of him often, particularly when I need inspiration during my triathlon/ironman/marathon events. To me, Terry is synonymous with endurance, determination and passion for helping others. August 4/5/6 2018 I will be one of 30 international participants in an endurance triathlon called Ultra 520k Canada. This race is self-supported and requires two full-time support personnel providing nutrition and safety from start to finish. My crew is my wife Lainie and, in keeping with the Fox tradition, my brother Jonathan. Day 1: 10k swim + 150k bike Day 2: 275.6k bike Day 3: 84.4k run To make it more meaningful, I’m continuing Terry’s goal to find a cure for cancer. During Terry’s Marathon of Hope in 1980, Terry ran a marathon a day for 143 days, 3,339 miles as an amputee with a prosthetic leg. 2018 is the 38th anniversary of this epic achievement. My goal is to raise $38,000 for the Terry Fox Foundation, in Terry’s words: “It’s got to keep going without me”. Please share this incredible adventure with me and consider supporting this meaningful cause. The person donating the highest amount will be presented with the framed race jersey (once cleaned of course). Donors contributing online will receive a tax receipt from the Terry Fox Foundation. Like many others, my family has been affected by cancer. Please forward this email to those who you feel would be supportive of this event [...]

9 04, 2018

I ran with Terry

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I ran with Terry I was training for the Mtl Marathon. As a journalist with radio station CJAD I was asked to cover his arrival in Mtl by greeting him on the Jacques Cartier bridge and running him into the center of town. Accompanied by the CBC's Sta Gibbons and Peter Della Riva, place kicker for the Mtl Alouettes we accompanied him the 6-7 km to destination stopping a couple of times along the way for live interviews on the radio. I remember how impressed we were that he would run a full (42km) marathon every day on one led while we were training progressively to do ONE marathon on two healthy legs. He was not yet recognized for what he was doing but I feel that our small involvement and the media exposure we gave him on CJAD radio and CBC television Mtl, was the beginning of the recognition he finally obtained from then on. I think Della Riva also had arranged for him to appear for a ceremonial kick-off at the Als home game. Souvenirs I have never forgotten. Guy Thibaudeau

8 04, 2018

Lasting Impact

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Lasting Impact As an 11 year old living in Ontario, I remember my nest friend’s mom calling us to ‘come see this boy on tv!’ We followed Terry on tv and in the newspapers all that summer, and sang along when the local radio station played Run, Terry Run. We were enthralled... star struck. The idea that one young man (along with his trusty companions) could inspire a nation with such a selfless act was truly amazing. I’ve been a run organizer now for 8 years, and this is what I tell my participants: Terry taught us that any one of us can be a hero - if we just DECIDE to. Rhonda Willis

8 04, 2018

End of the line – Thunder Bay

By |2018-04-24T23:14:31+00:00April 8th, 2018|I remember seeing Terry Fox|

End of the line - Thunder Bay I was working in Thunder Bay for Ontario Hydro and I remember being so excited about Terry Fox getting close to Thunder Bay on his cross Canada marathon. I was working in construction and a large group of us organized a cheering crew for when he arrived in the City. This did not happen and his run was terminated due to his health issues. We did not understand at the time the magnitude of his health problems and felt sad that his Marathon was cut short after performing a tremendous effort and courage in running all those miles from the east coast. We found out that Terry was flying out of Thunder Bay so we our construction team gathered at the airport to give him a farewell..I will always remember this event... Peter Makin

8 04, 2018

An amazing welcome – an amazing inspiration

By |2018-04-24T23:41:33+00:00April 8th, 2018|I remember seeing Terry Fox|

An amazing welcome - an amazing inspiration I saw Terry Fox run into London on July 17, 1980. It was a very hot, very humid day, and Terry and his escort came running down Dundas Street past where we were waiting in front of the Armouries. The crowd was enormous, and the atmosphere was electric as people waited for him to arrive. The runners who were with Terry were carrying buckets, and people were literally opening up their wallets and dumping the contents in. They had great smiles on their faces. Terry was running along with his distinctive gait - the sweat streaming down his face, his hands clutched in fists and held close to his body - a picture of absolute determination to succeed in his Marathon of Hope. We followed along over to the bandshell at Victoria Park, and when Terry stopped running his demeanor changed - he relaxed and smiled as he addressed the thousands of people who came out to see him. I will never forget this as long as I live. Terry was only a couple of years older than me, and I was truly inspired by what he was doing. What amazing courage, what selfless determination, what generosity of spirit that made him take on this enormous challenge. In 2005 - the 25th anniversary of the Marathon of Hope, I organized the National School Run Day at South Huron District High School. I did this for 10 years, and I still support the event now that I'm retired. I've kissed a lot of pigs as a fundraiser, walked a lot of kilometres, and I've shared the story with my students of the day I saw a true Canadian hero - Terry Fox! Dave McLeod

8 04, 2018

The Circle of Life

By |2018-04-25T00:09:40+00:00April 8th, 2018|I remember seeing Terry Fox|

The Circle of Life When Terry Fox ran across our country I was there in Ottawa. I was an 11 year old boy attending an Ottawa Rough Riders football game when Terry Fox came out to kick the ceremonial kick-off, the ball didn't fly through the air or go very far, but it didn't matter the Ottawa crowd cheered so loud you would have thought that Terry had just kicked the winning field goal in the Grey Cup. This story was just the beginning, as fate would have it I would be diagnosed with Cancer not once but twice. I have helped organize my school's Terry Fox Runs for over 20 years and I can proudly say that I have helped raised (directly and indirectly) over $1,000,000 and counting. Fate also touched this story one last time, when the 25th anniversary came around I was asked to speak at a luncheon with a special guest, Bill Vigars who also happened to be with Terry in that memorable football stadium. Bill Vigars was the Ontario Cancer society's representative as Terry ran through the province. Amazing how the story came full circle from a simple football game attended by a normal 11 year old boy to 25 years later promoting the Run as a two time Cancer survivor. God Bless ! Alain Dube  

8 04, 2018

Near the end

By |2018-04-16T18:06:23+00:00April 8th, 2018|I remember seeing Terry Fox|

Near the end - I remember that year seeing the commercials for Terry's cross Canada run. I lived in the small town of Nipigon about 1 hour drive east of Thunder Bay. Thunder Bay is where Terry's run ended. I wasn't very close to the road but I saw the cars going by that accompanied him. I do remember seeing him with that familiar hop. I was fortunate to experience this part of Canadian history. Jamie Hardy

8 04, 2018

meeting at the Causeway.

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Meeting at the Causeway. I met Terry one morning at the Cape Breton side of the causeway. It was about 7:00 AM. There was not a lot of people there. We saw Billy Joe Mac Lean who was mayor at the time and stopped to see what was going on. In the next few minutes Terry came around the turn and impressed me to no end by what he was doing. This was early in the run and not too many were following. I had heard of the run and was very surprised to be able to be there for it. Terry you inspired a nation and may god bless you for your determination, strength, and heart. Cliff Morrison

8 04, 2018

The day I met Terry fox

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The day I met Terry fox I remember when I was 8 years old I was in my father's suburban going from blind river Ontario to my grandma's house my dad was heading to work at the uranium mines in elliot lake with his car pool I looked out the window and saw someone running on the highway we stopped it was Terry fox,he was sun burned and bleeding a bit from his leg I asked Terry "are you ok" Terry replied I'm OK kid and he smiled and said cancer will be beaten ,I gave Terry my $10.00 allowance and as he ran off into the sunset I knew I had just witnessed something great ,I was only 8 now I'm 45 and this still touches my heart and brings tears to my eyes to this day ,god bless you Terry fox I love ya brother you told me cancer will be beaten and you are right we are so so close Dr Hong has come out with something called.br23 that kills the cancer cells without harming the healthy ones and more and more people are surviving I'll continue to honor your memory and pray and push for a cure for cancer,I'll leave you all with these final words for thought: the body is just a shell and must one day be laid to rest our true legend and legacy comes from within us spiritually and lives on in the life's of those we have touched and is immortal you are alive and well in spirit and soul and in our hearts Terry ❤ Len Horton

8 04, 2018

The making of a childhood hero

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The making of a childhood hero Good morning, I don’t know why but I woke up this morning thinking of Terry so I decide to check up his storey to remember the date he started and when would be the next marathon of hope. And what do you know it’s today...Anyways I was 7yrs old living in Burnaby BC when he started running, I remember watching him on our t.v. Everyday I would watch him do so. I was fascinated by his courage to run in despite of his handicap and the maritimes harsh weather(rain, and wind)He had eclipsed Guy Lafleur(though an incredible athlete too) my hero at that time. By the time I had my 8th birthday on June 17 he was going to enter my birth place of Montreal, a place I had only heard of but didn’t know anything about.So I would see Montreal through the eyes of Terry and T.V. He changed the way I viewed life. I wish I could be more like him, have more courage and dedication to commit... I try to in everything I do. Patience is a virtue that Seems like an everyday marathon lol ...Though there will never be another Terry, we all are Terry ....love to all.... Ubald Chamberlain

8 04, 2018

A Glimmer of Hope

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A Glimmer of Hope I recall clearly, we were driving west on Dundas Street Woodstock onto Governors Road towards London and there he was,.................................his own running style and we cheered and hooted BUT his face showed signs of other things we knew not. I feel fortunate to have met his mother Betty and to chat when living in Lake Errock BC. No matter how often I crossed Canada I (we) always stopped at his monument at Thunder Bay. What he started and has done for others the world over is without words for it was so great and I'm thankful for that moment. Daniel Olmstead

8 04, 2018

Met my hero

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Met my hero I followed Terry's run from the beginning. I thought courageous he was. That summer we were on a family vacation in a place called Grundy lake. Just by chance we came out from the camp ground to get groceries and saw a crowd forming. I wondered what was going on until I saw his support vehicle coming. I ran out to the road and got some pics of him . I even managed to get my parents yo buy one of his shirts. Which I still have today. I remember it like it was yesterday. Paul Romanishen

8 04, 2018

The little blonde girl in the big kiss

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The little blonde girl in the big kiss I remember July 11/1980 Terry entered the Scarborough Civic Center. He made some speeches and then was introduced to a blonde girl, 14 years old. She was wearing her pathfinders uniform and holding a daffodil that she gave to him. He leaned down talked to her, she kissed him on the cheek and gave him the daffodil. After some photos he was on his way again. That little blonde girl was my big sister Anne Marie Von Zuben. Terry Fox was the only boy ever good enough for a kiss from my sister. Sadly she joined Terry in heaven in 1993. James Von Zuben

8 04, 2018

This is history.

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This is history. - We were in our car travelling the route between our home in Aylmer and our family cottage near Saint-Sauveur. It was raining along the stretch of road when we spotted Terry on his route. I remember pressing my nose to the window to watch him. I remember distinctly the hop shift shuffle of his pace. My mother slowed down to a snail’s pace and told my brother and I to pay attention. She said "Remember this moment. You are in the middle of history". Even today, if I close my eyes, I am that little girl in the car, staring out in wonder of his strength and courage, and in awe of the perserverance of that lone figure getting soaked by the rain. Johanna Mizgala

8 04, 2018

My inspiration to fight my own battle

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My inspiration to fight my own battle I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Terry Fox. But he was close to me throughout his run. I was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma in the spring of ‘79, at the age of 7. I was in/out of the hospital during Terry’s run. I remember seeing him as a beacon of light for me. Uncertain how my own battle would unfold, it was awesome to see another person fighting as hard as Terry was. I was hoping to be able to see Terry when he would pass through Winnipeg, health permitting. Sadly, it wasn’t possible. Years later as an adult, I was employed as a long distance truck driver. Frequently when I passed through Thunder Bay, ON, I would stop at his memorial to pay my respects to him. To this day, Terry is the definition of courage that I think of when times are difficult. Kelvin Dyck

8 04, 2018

Terry Fox

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Terry Fox - I was living in Toronto at the time, I remember thinking how brave this young man was walking across Canada to help raise awareness and the fight against cancer. I will always remember that warm humid day watching this young man with so much courage and strength a lasting impression and hope for all who suffer from cancer. His legacy will live on in all of us. Patsy Turple

8 04, 2018

Birthday Wishes

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Birthday Wishes I remember, like many Canadians, starting to hear more and more about this amazing person who was running across Canada. I would listen on the CBC about his journey and his day and would think to myself that this was simply amazing. Then, the unbelievable...Terry's Marathon of Hope was going to come to my small town! Anticipation grew. I got more and more excited and the energy in my little town started to bubble over. Plans were made. Routes and stops and celebrations were all set. I was am one of the lucky ones...I saw him that day, run into our town. He had stopped at a correctional facility to inspire but then had to make his way into town to do the obligatory speech and shake the hands and sign the paraphernalia...but this wasn't just any day...it was his birthday! I can only imagine how tired he was but it never showed. I often wonder what he wished for on that day when he blew out the candles. I hope he knows that he achieved them a hundredfold I cherish the memory and everyday I look at the signed poster that so proudly hangs in my house and it inspires me to do more and be better. Pamela Pike

8 04, 2018

Vivid Memory Even Today

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Vivid Memory Even Today My mom Audrey Bilton kept talking about a young man by the name of Terry Fox, Marathon of Hope, she wanted to make him something special - so she made a little ceramic book with gold writing on it, she was thrilled that he would be coming through our small hometown of Rockwood. My fiance and I Joe Chisholm seen him running on Highway 7 from Guelph heading towards Rockwood, so I let my Mom know he was coming. I still remember his courage and determination as he ran down the highway. So much pride, his image is still burned into our memories today. Sue Chisholm Photo: In Memory of: Gord & Audrey Bilton 1976 - Owners of ABC Ceramics, Rockwood, Ontario, photo Submitted by: Daughter Sue Chisholm (Bilton)

8 04, 2018

A place in my heart

By |2018-04-16T15:35:36+00:00April 8th, 2018|I remember seeing Terry Fox|

A place in my heart - I was 4 when Terry started his run. My brothers and I would run to the TV every time we heard his commercial and we called him Run, Terry, Run. I loved him so much. When his funeral was on TV, my Mom was too sad to watch it. I was 5 and sat by myself and watched his funeral. 😪 I was thrilled last summer to see his statue in St John's. He's very special to me and has a place in my heart. 💞 Jana Mutch

8 04, 2018

Terry Lives On

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Terry Lives On We stood at the side of Hy 17 in our small town of Massey, On., Chad 3.5, Shayne 6 and Kendra 8 years old. We had talked about Terry before and the children were so touched by his story and at beng able to see hm run.. Terry's impact is still with us. Our children have now passed on Terry's life story to their kids. I love listening to my grandkids telling me Terry's story. He is truly loved and respected by all. I would really like to see more books at different age levels about Terry. We must keep his vision and memory alive. The geatest Canadian hero and his message should never be forgotten. Francis Bouchad

8 04, 2018

My First Run

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My First Run - I did my first run in 1992, my 5 year old niece Dorian heard about Terry Fox in her kindergarten class and wanted to do it. So her Mom and me went with her, a few months later Dorian was killed in an automobile accident. The following year I did the run for her and every young person who’s lives are cut short. Since then have done the run 24 times and was the Town organizer for the run for 11 of those years. I will continue for as long as I can, Terry Fox is definitely my hero. Sue Given

8 04, 2018

Intrigued by Terry’s Determination

By |2018-04-25T14:45:19+00:00April 8th, 2018|I remember seeing Terry Fox|

Intrigued by Terry’s Determination I was a 13 Year Old boy living in Baker Lake (N.W.T. at the time, now Nunavut) The only way to see Terry was through tv. I would sit intently in front of the tv watching CBC National and see where he was on the map. I remember feeling so heart broken when he went to the hospital and than announcing that he had to stop. He inspired the whole community to do a run of there own to raise money for Cancer. It’s hard to believe that it’s about Forty Years now since Terry inspired a whole Nation and brought everyone closer together probably even more so than winning the Stanley Cup. Sam Tutanuak

8 04, 2018

It proudly hung on Terry’s wall

By |2018-04-19T16:03:42+00:00April 8th, 2018|I remember seeing Terry Fox|

 It hung proudly on Terry's wall I met Terry Fox in Vancouver in 1981 and presented him with an autographed picture of Dolly Parton as you'll see in the attached photo. The back story is this: myself and then business partner had arranged to stage a celebratory black tie dinner in Vancouver to welcome Terry back upon completion of his 'Marathon of Hope'. We had the support of the Canadian Cancer Society and in planning we had learned that Dolly Parton was one of his favourite performers. We contacted Dolly's management to see if she might be able to arrange it to actually perform at the celebration dinner. Unfortunately her schedule had her on the other side of the world around the time of our projected date. She did however send a very heartfelt signed picture which we had planned to present to Terry on that evening. When the run ended and Terry returned home, we were shortly thereafter notified that the run wouldn't resume and we were asked to attend a press conference Terry was giving at which time we could make our presentation to him - which I did. Cut to years later and I ran into Bill Vigars - who I had met and spoken with many times. I mentioned to him that I had met Terry and had presented him with the photo. We were at an event at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver during this chat and he mentioned that Terry's brother Darrell was actually in attendance in the room and I should meet him. When I told Darrell the story he said that in all the chaos that surrounded the run after it ended and given the endless tributes and gifts that were presented to Terry, a lot of [...]

7 04, 2018

Terry’s Legacy

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Terry's Legacy I remember being yery aware of the Cancer Crisis and the need to alert the world, so was not at all surprised when Terry started his "Marathon of Hope." The day of his death was one of the sadest days of my life, as I believed the outcome would have been different had the world heeded his meaningful Journey. In hindsight I know now that he courageous dedication started a movement of research and fundraising that continues to progress in the effort to cure this disease. "GOD BLESS YOU TERRY FOX."☺️ Nola Schweitzer

7 04, 2018

Terry’s Birthday – Gravenhurst

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Terry's Birthday - Gravenhurst Captivated by Terry's story and journey, I was able attend Terry's birthday celebration July 28th at Gravenhursts Centennial Centre. I was lucky enough to even get his autograph. He was my hero then, he is my hero now! Allison Stoneburgh

7 04, 2018

TF is my Hero

By |2018-04-16T17:59:41+00:00April 7th, 2018|I remember seeing Terry Fox|

TF is my Hero I watched Terry faithfully as he did his run. I was so moved by such a fine gesture by this cancer survivor child! I was moved to tears as I watched the news. Tears of joy for his selfless act! Then the tears of joy turned to tears of heartache. I loved him so much! Bought books on him and magazines. I had no idea that 20 years later I’d go through breast cancer myself. He’s my fav hero! I’ll love him forever til I meet him in glory where I will give him the biggest hug!! He paved the way so I could live!! Thk u TF!! Susan Bazin

7 04, 2018

Hero of Hope

By |2018-04-16T17:55:21+00:00April 7th, 2018|I remember seeing Terry Fox|

Hero of Hope I remember hearing about this guy running across Canada in school. I'd go home at night and watch the news with my folks on his whereabouts and catch interviews and stories in the paper. I remember it impressed upon me the notion of perseverance even against the odds. It was the first memory I have of bravery. I have since lost many to the disease he so passionately ran to fight against and find a cure. He is truly a childhood hero who I recently painted. I attached the painting it is titled "Hero of Hope" a small tribute to shining example of selflessness. Andy Wheatley

7 04, 2018

Terry Fox

By |2018-05-24T01:26:46+00:00April 7th, 2018|I remember seeing Terry Fox|

Terry Fox A Speech given at a Fundraising Dinner in Regina, SK by Rob Currie September 1980 To have been given the honor of travelling with, and briefly working for Terry Fox, is an experience of which a person could only dream. To be asked by the Cancer Society to work with Terry was quite a thrill for me. After reading some newspaper articles and listening to radio reports about the Marathon of hope, I was excited about the job but my mistake was that I vastly underestimated what I was getting into because it opened my eyes to a different part of life – the unrestricted giving of people. I first met Terry on Sunday, August 31st about 35 miles east of Thunder Bay. During the next 6 miles of which I saw him run, I could see why Terry was, and still is, a National hero. The atmosphere surrounding him was one of great emotion and the impact that Terry had on people was unbelievable. Terry had run 23 miles that day and after a quiet supper, was quickly off to bed. The next day was to be a day I will never forget. He started his run on Monday at 5:00 a.m. and much to my surprise there were already people standing by the road waiting to see him run by. Homemade signs were put up everywhere wishing Terry the best of luck and offering their encouragement for his continued success. Twelve miles were completed that morning whereupon Terry had stated that he was feeling good. His brother, Darrell, stated that it was the best that Terry had looked for a long time and he would easily run 26 miles for that day. Terry then slept for 3 hours and when he started [...]

7 04, 2018

My Dad and I see Terry Fox

By |2018-04-16T16:20:30+00:00April 7th, 2018|I remember seeing Terry Fox|

My Dad and I see Terry Fox I was 19 years old when I seen Terry Fox. I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 My Dad and I were on the Queensway, just coming up the crest of a hill heading east going past what was at the time, the Paladium in Kanata near the highway exit what is now named Terry Fox Drive. As we topped the crest of the hill, we noticed on the opposite site of the Queensway going west, a police 🚔 car heading west and behind the police 👮‍♀️ car was none other than Terry Fox running being followed by a small mobile camper. At that time, my father pulled to the side of the road, stopped his vehicle and we both got out and stood there watching Terry Fox on his run as my father explained to me who Terry Fox was, me being 19 at the time and not really to concerned about current events in the world. After my dad filled me in on who Terry was, and what his marathon of hope was for. We watched him running for what seemed like an eternity at the time until he disappeared from sight and then we continued on our way. I learned later that terry had made it to almost the end of Ontario before he had to abandon his run. Terry passed away not long after, and I, like the rest of the world who knew of Terry were heartbroken. Since then, I have always thought of that day with my father when together we had the privilege of seeing this courageous young man, anytime Terry Fox name was mentioned. Terry Fox has had a profound impact on me, my children my grandson and everyone who ever [...]

10 04, 2017

Josh’s Journey

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Josh's Journey This is Josh's story, as told by his Mom. Josh turned 15 in January, 2009. He was a typical teen, in his first year of secondary school, socially active, decent student and a competitive swimmer. In that April he started to experience headaches, which everyone thought were migraines due to family history. By May, his vision was starting to get blurry. I took him to our optometrist and he discovered severe pressure behind Josh's eyes and some hemorrhaging. First thing the next morning we were a London hospital being told that Josh had a mass in his brain. That night he underwent his first surgery to relieve the pressure that had built up. Resection surgery followed, where it was determined that Josh had a malignant immature teratoma of the pineal region of his brain. He started a chemotherapy protocol which instead of shrinking the remainder of the tumour, it caused it to grow. On the day he should have begun grade 10 he was once again undergoing surgery to resect the tumour. The doctors could only remove about half during that surgery and two days later Josh again endured another long surgery. This time he suffered massive brain swelling and ended up with a set of complications common to pediatric brain tumour patients, Posterior Fossa Syndrome. He was then sent for several weeks of both whole brain and targeted radiation therapy. Josh returned home November 23/09. He was mute, had no control of voluntary functions, was on a feeding tube, could not sit or stand and now suffered from a seizure disorder. That was 8 years ago. Neither Josh, his family or his friends gave up. As his brain healed he worked very hard to regain all that he had lost. He has had [...]

12 09, 2014

B.C. honours Terry Fox

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Proclamation honours Canadian hero VICTORIA – The B.C. government has proclaimed September 14, 2014 as Terry Fox Day. It is the day that hundreds of thousands around the world gather for the annual Terry Fox Run, to celebrate Terry’s courage and to continue his dream of finding a cure for cancer. Linda Reimer, MLA for Port Moody-Coquitlam “Terry Fox is an inspiration to all Canadians and especially those of us here in the Tri- Cities. He devoted his life to finding a cure for cancer and has left us a lasting legacy to continue his work. I am privileged to have played a part in the B.C. government’s decision to proclaim September 14, 2014 as Terry Fox Day. The significant contribution and tireless efforts that Terry Fox made in our province, and to the countless lives he has touched, are a tribute to this rare individual. I am looking forward to participating in this Sunday’s Terry Fox Run.” Rolly Fox, Father of Terry Fox "Terry knew before he passed away that there would be an annual event in September, the month he was forced to stop running, that offered us all the opportunity to symbolically complete the Marathon of Hope. We are thankful that Sunday, September 14th has been proclaimed Terry Fox Day by the government of British Columbia as it pays tribute to the efforts of people in every B.C. community who further his dream of eradicating cancer through research." The annual Terry Fox Run continues Terry’s dream of finding a cure for cancer. To find a run in your community, visit tfoxneue.scratchmarketing.com. Learn More: Link to proclamation: http://www.qp.gov.bc.ca/statreg/oic/2014%20Proclamations/procs/TerryFoxDayNEW2 014.html Facts about Terry Fox: • March 9, 1977 - Terry discovers he has a malignant tumor in his right leg; the leg is amputated 15 centimetres (six [...]

15 08, 2013

Terry Fox Foundation announces new Board of Directors

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Terry Fox Foundation announces new Board of Directors The Terry Fox Foundation hosted its Annual General Meeting where newly elected board members gathered for the first time. At the meeting, the board of directors unanimously supported a resolution that expressed their genuine appreciation to Mr. Isadore Sharp for his dedicated service to the Marathon of Hope over the past 33 years. In recognition of his long term commitment to Terry's vision of eradicating cancer Mr. Sharp was elected to the new role of chairman emeritus to the Board. Mr. Sharp was the first Canadian corporate leader to support Terry's courageous journey and was founder of the annual run. The Marathon of Hope has raised more than half a billion dollars for cancer research. In the fall of 1980 after cancer forced Terry to return to Vancouver for treatment, Mr. Sharp proposed organizing an annual fundraising run named the "The Terry Fox Run". He wrote in a telegram to Terry: "The Marathon of Hope has just begun. You started it. We will not rest until your dream to find a cure is realized ... your courage and determination has been an inspiration to us." "Mr. Sharp's steadfast support for The Terry Fox Foundation, our volunteers, our donors and most of all, to each member of our family, from the very beginning has been a valuable and enormous contribution to the successful growth of the annual Terry Fox Run both across Canada and around the world", stated Judith Fox-Alder on behalf of the Fox family. Terry's father Rolly and Terry's three siblings, Fred, Darrell and Judi are responsible for electing board members. Further to this, the Fox family is delighted to announce the appointment of Bill Pristanski, Jim Gabel and Ara Sahakian to the TFF Board. The addition of Bill, [...]

12 08, 2013

Statement on the Death of Dr. Anthony (Tony) Pawson

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Statement on the Death of Dr. Anthony (Tony) Pawson We wish to express our profound sadness and loss over the death of Dr. Anthony (Tony) Pawson. Dr. Pawson was a leading cancer scientist at Mount Sinai’s Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute in Toronto, Ontario who was revered worldwide for his seminal, transformative and innovative work in signal transduction. He has helped to advance cancer research and research in other diseases for his understanding of how cells communicate. His untimely death is a blow to our entire Canadian cancer research community and he will be deeply missed. Tony and his team were extremely successful in forging new and innovative advances in cancer research, and it is in this capacity that he led a long-standing New Frontiers Program Project Grant funded by the Terry Fox Foundation and the Terry Fox Research Institute. He was funded by the Terry Fox Foundation for over 25 years, and currently held a grant awarded in 2010. Tony was the recipient of many prestigious scientific awards and among Canadian researchers was regarded as a potential recipient of a Nobel Prize in medicine for his groundbreaking work. He was awarded the Kyoto Prize (“the Japan Nobel”) in 2008. The Signal Transduction Society in 2010 presented its new honorary medal to him as “one of the founding fathers of protein - protein interaction research in cell signalling ‘for the discovery of protein interaction domains and elucidating their essential roles in the transmission of cellular signals.’”1 Dr. Pawson and his team discovered the Src Homology 2 (SH2) domains in the mid-1980s and the field subsequently expanded massively. While we mourn his loss, we know he has left us a rich research legacy. We remain confident those who are following in his footsteps will find continued strength and inspiration in their [...]